A new niece in the family..

Posted: February 18, 2007 in niece

Couple of months back, my brother and his wife got a baby girl. They are in the US. To our good fortune, the three of them managed to come and spend some time with us, here in India. In fact, since the time that my brother has gone to the US, several years back, this was the longest vacation he took to India, and it was so much fun to be all together.

It kind of drove home the point that life could be so much better, if we were closer to each other.

Of course, the best part of it all was the baby. The new addition to the family.

From being a really small baby, over the couple of months that they were here, she seemed to grow so much. Became a really playful bunny baby. Started making sounds, and turning over and stuff. But what a cute baby she is.

We all so miss her, now that she has gone back to the US. Hope we get to see her soon. Hope even more that we find a way to be closer to each other, and see her grow up in front of our eyes…

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