Just for this one reason, Sehwag should be dropped..

Posted: February 18, 2007 in india, ODI, runout, sehwag, sri lanka

What was that run out about?
I saw it in the highlights and I could not fathom it.

What was Sehwag doing? From half way on the pitch, he was so casually ambling away to his crease. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

For being so casual, more amateurish than a school boy cricketer, and what could have lead the team to defeat, he should be dropped from the team. If not forever, then at least for a couple of games. Just like they penalise cricketers for some games on disciplinary grounds, the coach and the team management should do the same, for such shocking work on the field!


    I agree with your point.I think sometimes we talk things like team strategy,team building etc and forget some of the basic things like what Sehwag did “HE DID NOT GROUND HIS BAT AND THAT IS FIRST LESSON OF CRICKET”


  2. SPM says:

    It was not just a question of grounding the bat. That has happened to many others in the past. Not that it is a slip to be condoned, but Sehwag’s case was worse!
    He was just casually walking to the crease, as if the ball was already dead. How could he be so casual? At a score of 46, was he already so tired? Also in one day internationals, would you not rather run in, and look for possible bonuses like an extra run, should the fielder’s throw go awry? Heck, he was wrong every which way.

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