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Sehwag: Enough is Enough, Dravid!

Posted: March 17, 2007 in Dravid, sehwag

India’s first World Cup match has just started. Against Bangladesh. On the first ball of the 3rd over, and with Sehwag on just 2, he tries to cut a widish ball, which crashes into his stumps, and he is bowled out.

NOW can we give him a break?
Isn’t enough enough??
What is the fault of Karthik, in reasonable form, and cooling his heels in the pavilion, outside the playing 11?
Why not accomodate Pathan as an all rounder, instead, otherwise??

Don’t you see that each match has only added pressure on Sehwag, and even if he has the capability, “its just not happening”.

Irrespective of where the result of this match goes, Dravid, PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL OF US NOW!


While Sehwag comes out looking as the joker, we are worried about you too, Dravid! WHY are you persevering with him so much??

Please, let this be the last chance for Sehwag, unless injuries to other batsmen, or a sustained bad form of any other batsmen forces you to give Sehwag another try, later in the World Cup.

Please.. !

So he is out of form at the international level.
So the chief selector suggests that he (and few others) should play the domestic one day games, to get into form again.
So he plays for a strong Delhi side against the minnows – Services team.

And Services are knocked out for 111. An ideal platform for Sehwag to play himself back in form. You cannot get any lower pressure than this, to try and get some match practise. Almost as easy as nets, man..

And so what does Sehwag do??

Gets out to a first ball duck!!

Can things get any more tough for him? Now he will have the jitters going out to face any bowler. And we are taking this man to the World Cup, hoping that he will be a great asset to our team?! Can’t see that happening, man!

Oh, by the way, I must compliment Sehwag for one of the best PR agencies that he has. When he was mildly out of form, there were tons of articles and pictures of him, working on things, putting the effort, about how great his potential is, etc. etc. The overdose of those pieces (against far fewer articles about any of the other cricketers) clearly showed them to be planted stories. And now when he keeps failing, it is written in a subdued manner. Anyone else in his place, and this duck would have made it to headline news, and the chap would have been made mincemeat of. But this particular piece was reduced to a tiny story on the sports pages, that one would almost miss. Yes, he certainly has a phenomenal PR agency working for him. Give credit where it is deserved..

What was that run out about?
I saw it in the highlights and I could not fathom it.

What was Sehwag doing? From half way on the pitch, he was so casually ambling away to his crease. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

For being so casual, more amateurish than a school boy cricketer, and what could have lead the team to defeat, he should be dropped from the team. If not forever, then at least for a couple of games. Just like they penalise cricketers for some games on disciplinary grounds, the coach and the team management should do the same, for such shocking work on the field!