Sehwag: Enough is Enough, Dravid!

Posted: March 17, 2007 in Dravid, sehwag

India’s first World Cup match has just started. Against Bangladesh. On the first ball of the 3rd over, and with Sehwag on just 2, he tries to cut a widish ball, which crashes into his stumps, and he is bowled out.

NOW can we give him a break?
Isn’t enough enough??
What is the fault of Karthik, in reasonable form, and cooling his heels in the pavilion, outside the playing 11?
Why not accomodate Pathan as an all rounder, instead, otherwise??

Don’t you see that each match has only added pressure on Sehwag, and even if he has the capability, “its just not happening”.

Irrespective of where the result of this match goes, Dravid, PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL OF US NOW!


While Sehwag comes out looking as the joker, we are worried about you too, Dravid! WHY are you persevering with him so much??

Please, let this be the last chance for Sehwag, unless injuries to other batsmen, or a sustained bad form of any other batsmen forces you to give Sehwag another try, later in the World Cup.

Please.. !

  1. USC Trojan says:

    LOL! What a joke that shot was…but he may justify his place now with the 2 consolation wickets 🙂

    Also, our world cup campaign is probably only 2 more games long. So he better give Karthick a chance.

  2. SPM says:

    USC Trojan:
    Now that we have lost, there is no choice but for Dravid to change. He does not want to lose and drop out of the tournament, and then face the questions of having continued with Sehwag, inspite of his bad form. Desperate times will call for change in team, like it or not.
    I would consider bringing in either Pathan or Karthik in place of Sehwag, Kumble in place of Harbhajan, and Sreesanth in place of Agarkar. The last one being an iffy thing for me.
    Kumble would have been far more effective to pick wickets against the Bangla team. He has some of those deliveries that a less experienced player would find difficult to play. Yes, the more experienced teams, and especially their leading batsmen, have probably figured him out, but the younger ones, or the tailenders, would usually be easy meat for him!

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