Cricket World Cup: Saturday Night Fever

Posted: March 18, 2007 in bangladesh, cricket, india, loss, pakistan, world cup

So the first night of full match watching that I could afford, as it was the weekend, turned out to be a nightmare, to say the least 😦

Here are my stray thoughts on the day of debacle, for India and Pakistan:

1. What can I say about India’s loss against Bangladesh?

Yes, ‘nothing’. I am dumb founded.

2. Pakistan is out of the world cup. So much for the convenient 2 big, 2 minnow groups, to supposedly serve as more practise games for the big guys. The quickest big team exit. Quite unbelievable.

3. Refer my earlier posts about the bigger teams who should be asserting themselves stronger against the smaller ones. Now after the Saturday night, I wonder if there is really that much of a difference between the so called minnows and the big guys. Its like the tennis tournaments now. Yes, the top seeds are potentially far better, but if they take anything casually, they could well be upset. Happens all the time in tennis and now we see the same in cricket too.

4. India has it all uphill from now. They need to win both the games, against Bermude and Sri Lanka. And YET, they may not be sure to make it to the next round. Bangladesh will have their second win against Bermuda, and Sri Lanka should manage to beat Bangladesh, to add to their Bermuda victory. If India wins both, that will still leave 3 teams with 2 wins each, and a tie breaker of sorts will decide the top two teams, to go to the next round. Never easy for anyone to predict the final two from the group.

Of course, winning against Sri Lanka itself will be a huge effort, coming as it will against the backdrop of this loss against Bangladesh, with the huge expectations of the billion people from India, and the psychological impact of all these put together. I wouldn’t want to be in Dravid’s shoes at this time.

5. So lets imagine the scenario should India also get hustled out in the first round itself.
How will the sponsors survive? They who depend solely on the Indian viewership, will have a huge loss on their hands.
I am sure the viewership in India will drop by at least 50%.
The big bucks that Hutch and Hero Honda and Pepsi, not to speak of Sony Entertainment, have put behind the event – how will they get their ROI??
Will some of them renege their contracts and pay the penalty, but get out quickly, cutting their losses? 🙂
I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of these sponsors as well.

6. Will there be some or the ‘other’ kind of lobbying going on, at this time, from the sponsors end, to see how they can ‘ensure’ that India makes it to the next round?

Ohh.. the scenario is tough to imagine. All the hype surrounding the event, all the media packages waiting to be unleashed as the rounds progress (I believe that the media and advertising hype has been a little subdued so far, just to ensure against consumer fatigue, since its a long tournament; now will it be long at all, for Indian fans??), will they remain in the cans and not see the light of the day?

Tough calls. We will see the picture emerge in the next few days now..!

  1. mitanshu says:

    This is really the most memorable win for Bangladesh as this was their first WC’07 match and they won it when hardly anyone was thinking them in game when the match started.

    Bangladesh upset India in World Cup

  2. SPM says:

    No doubt about it. Bangladesh played extremely well, and they have all reason to be happy and proud.
    As they kept talking on TV about whether they had the ‘self-belief’ to win against India, it was proven clearly that they indeed so have it! I am not sure what role, the loss of their fellow men, in an accident, had on their performance. Whether it motivated them to perform even better? The paceman, the left arm spinners, and the young bats did exceedingly well.

  3. USC Trojan says:

    The biggest difference maker for Bangladesh, I thought, was the youth in the team. They had no legacy to contend with and they were there playing for a win rather than get intimidated by their big time neighbor.

    Great win for them, but puts us Indian fans in disbelief now.

  4. SPM says:

    USC Trojan:
    Yes, the utter freedom with which the youthful Bangladesh team played, made that difference.
    But most importantly, the experienced Indian team had no business to NOT being able to play the seamers and the left arm spinners that Bangla threw their way. I mean, the bowling may appear to be good, and must be good, but you are expected to play well, considering your skills, talent and experience. So its a shocking defeat for India, no matter what!

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