Its not getting any easier for Sehwag

Posted: February 21, 2007 in duck, one day, ranji, sehwag

So he is out of form at the international level.
So the chief selector suggests that he (and few others) should play the domestic one day games, to get into form again.
So he plays for a strong Delhi side against the minnows – Services team.

And Services are knocked out for 111. An ideal platform for Sehwag to play himself back in form. You cannot get any lower pressure than this, to try and get some match practise. Almost as easy as nets, man..

And so what does Sehwag do??

Gets out to a first ball duck!!

Can things get any more tough for him? Now he will have the jitters going out to face any bowler. And we are taking this man to the World Cup, hoping that he will be a great asset to our team?! Can’t see that happening, man!

Oh, by the way, I must compliment Sehwag for one of the best PR agencies that he has. When he was mildly out of form, there were tons of articles and pictures of him, working on things, putting the effort, about how great his potential is, etc. etc. The overdose of those pieces (against far fewer articles about any of the other cricketers) clearly showed them to be planted stories. And now when he keeps failing, it is written in a subdued manner. Anyone else in his place, and this duck would have made it to headline news, and the chap would have been made mincemeat of. But this particular piece was reduced to a tiny story on the sports pages, that one would almost miss. Yes, he certainly has a phenomenal PR agency working for him. Give credit where it is deserved..


    Hey Sanjay,
    I just have one question for our selectors and Guru Greg “If they wanted to pick the squad which has experience(for eg.Sehwag shouldnt have been there in the squad ;-)) than why did they try all different possibilities in our matches.

    It is a pity that Kaif and Powar are not picked, at least they have good fighting attitude!!! Sehwag even lacks in that sense.

    To get Sehwag out is very simple “Just keep 3 slips and one keeper”(rest all the players can be rested),he will obviously give practice behind the stumps.


  2. SPM says:

    Just to give credit to Greg Chappell and Dravid’s efforts over the last couple of years, I am sure that they did not already know at that time, that we will only take experience with us, to the World Cup. I think they meant to make honest attempts, to get the youngsters and faster feet and better fielders in. Its just that in the end, those guys did not make the most of the chances given. And come close to World Cup, and you realise that your best performers, are your oldies. So what choice does that leave you except to take your seniors.

    Of course, Sehwag is the only one that currently draws a huge surprise. Powar, well, its a toss up. If you have to take no more than 2 spinners, whichever of Bhajji, Powar and Kumble gets left out, will not be the easiest decision. So its a tough call, and we need to let it pass. Kaif messed up the many chances that he got. Now after the team has been declared, he is firing on all guns in the Ranji ODIs. A little too late to influence the selectors.
    That leaves Sehwag. Apparently, Greg Chappell was in favour of Raina, and so were a couple of selectors. But a strong push from Dravid, secured Sehwag’s place.

    If Sehwag (by sheer luck) fires at the WC, it would redeem Dravid after all. Else he will be a passenger. My impression of Dravid says that he would have pushed Sehwag, out of a personal conviction, and no other reason / agenda. For whatever reason, he might have felt that IF he fires, then that fire power, combined with quite a wickettaking ability in his part time off spin, is a good asset to have in the team.

    I am not in agreement, but just trying to see a perspective.

    And as for how to get Sehwag out, Himanshu, few months back, I had also stuck my neck out, and predicted the same for Saurav. That all bowlers in the world know, that as soon as Saurav steps in, get three slips and a gully, a thirdman, and bounce him towards the offside. He will spoon out a catch sooner or later. And out of sheer mental resolve, he has proven that he can overcome this challenge. His comeback has been most impressive.

    Sehwag does not appear to have that kind of hardworking style (think Kambli vs Sachin to understand this difference). So I guess, what you say is more likely to be true. But now that he is in the team, as a patriotic supporter, one may indulge in hoping against hope that Sehwag may yet deliver!
    (one may add, ‘and the sun may rise in the west’ too 🙂 )

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