What’s with these "days"?

Posted: February 28, 2007 in PSU

Few days back, I caught in the papers that it was the ‘Central Excise’ day that day. Similarly, I have seen at banks, every once in a while, notices saying that its the ‘customer service week’ or ‘meet the customer’ day or something like that.

All of these are very public sector centric things, hardly seen in private banks or private organisations.

Simply because, what is the meaning of a customer service week? Are you saying that for the rest of the time, you are NOT giving service to customers??!

What is with the ‘meet the customer’ day? On other days, you would not meet them?

Or this central excise day? What is it about the day? (Pardon my ignorance, if there is any specific relevance to the central excise day!)

It appears as if some organisations have not grown at all. OR that they want an excuse to have some budgets sanctioned for celebrations with snacks and the like, and having a way to explain the numbers in the books?!

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