South Africa’s win against the Netherlands: This is what I meant!

Posted: March 17, 2007 in boucher, cricket, gibbs, kallis, netherlands, smith, south africa, world cup

When I wrote few days back that I thought Australia and Sri Lanka appeared a little cautious while playing minnows, what I was trying to say is that they should have been playing far more aggressively and crushing the opposition.

Like how South Africa did with the Netherlands…

In 40 overs, they topped 350+ for the loss of only 3 wickets, Gibbs smashed six 6s in an over (the first EVER in one day internationals), Boucher scored the fastest half century in World Cup cricket, Kallis scored a predictable hundred, and Smith scored a half century too.

THAT is an assertion that we are a mainstream team, with a chance to life the World Cup, and the team opposite us is a poor second cousin.

We don’t need to practise our batting like we are at the nets before a test match, we don’t need to give the other team a respect that the other team does NOT deserve, we don’t have to be insecure about getting upset.

We are good, we are FAR better than the opponents, and we will show them in no uncertain way. And in the process, we will also give a message to the rest of the teams that we are good, we are in form, and we are keen to win the world cup.

Australia should and could have done the same, Sri Lanka too. But they did not.

For this reason alone, I give the first early lead to South Africa, in terms of being a potential ultimate winner. More than the win or the extent of it, its the attitude that I am sensing.

And now lets see how assertive India is against Bangladesh!

  1. USC Trojan says:

    I told you do … South Africa has that consistency and confidence behind them today … my pick for the WC!

  2. SPM says:

    Absolutely. SA also is my top pick, at this time, and as I said, more for the attitue they are packing, at this time. Besides just the extent of the victory.
    Having said that, once into the semis, its anybody’s game, and the team that can play to its potential during that crucial phase, can come out ahead. That is where Australia has the experience and the confidence of big match play, especially the captain, Ponting!

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