Indian cricket – funny side to the World Cup loss

Posted: March 30, 2007 in dilip vengsarkar, india, selectors, twenty twenty, wives, world cup

As the Indian team sneaked into the country, unannounced, in late night flights, the papers were full of their photos, their better halves escorting them out from the airports, in most cases. Faces glum, the smiles missing, fearing a possible fan revolt, etc.

Seeing these, I realized that this was a rare occasion in recent years, that the teams had gone without their better halves, for a tour. A little explored factoid, this one, may actually be the most important reason for India’s loss. That they did not have the motivation and encouragement that they usually get from their wives, standing beside them, and secondly, missing the wives so much, the team chose to exit and come back to the wives sooner rather than later!!

And we keep barking at the wrong trees, like selectors, board, players’ performances, etc. A resolution should be immediately passed at the board level, that wives should compulsorily accompany the players, on all tours. And if a wife refuses to go, for any reason, or for the bachelors in the team, the board undertakes to arrange alternatives like girlfriends for such players. Then you see, the World Cup will be ours!!

The other funny piece that I picked up in the papers was the announcement of the Twenty/Twenty cricket teams, including the Mumbai team. Announcing the selection, the Mumbai chief selector Dilip Vengsarkar (also the chief national selector) conveyed that Sachin, Zaheer and Agarkar have been ‘rested’ and are therefore not made a part of the Mumbai 20/20 team.

These are the three Mumbai players who were in the World Cup squad, and who returned back.

They are “rested”??
They need a rest from what??
From playing all of THREE one day games??
Are they so tired that they need to rest, after such a no-show??

That is as funny as it gets. The selectors cannot find any new words to justify a non-selection. Little realizing that using senseless words like ‘rested’, they are making a mockery. Why not just state the truth – whatever it may be. If you want the fans to behave with maturity, start by being transparent to them, and not beat around the bush.

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