A quirk / blooper in Sholay

Posted: April 2, 2007 in sholay

Being the Sholay buff that I am (yes, I could probably relate the entire film, scene by scene, and would probably remember all characters, dialogues, etc.), I thought I knew all that was to be known about the films. I mean, after so many years, was I likely to discover something new?

So I was surprised to hear this interesting factoid. Almost like a blooper.

Ramgarh, where the story is based, is never shown to have any electricity. In fact, there are scenes of Jaya Bhaduri lighting the oil lamps each evening. So it is assumed that electricity has not quite reached the village.

And yet, Dharmendra climbs up the really tall water tank, in that drunken “suicide” scene. So the question was, if not with power, how the hell did water go up all the way, into that tall tank?

Okay, for arguments sake, it could be mechanical pumps and the like, but one would more likely expect it to be done by electricity driven pumps.

Oh well, something more to think about, as one ponders on Sholay, that all time top hit of Indian cinema…

  1. USC Trojan says:

    Could it be that the village had electricity but there was none at Thakur’s house, or that he preferred not to have it?

  2. SPM says:

    The village scenes also do not show any electricity used – whether it was the ironsmith, the Holi mela, or other general scenes.

    But you could be right. Maybe there was electricity only for that pump, and nothing else..

    As I said, something more to think and ponder over, with regards to Sholay!

  3. Anon says:

    Another one is the scene after Holi song.
    Amitabh falls on ground and fires a bullet……and in the next shot 2 dacoits die with it….
    ha ha ha…

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