Finally they see sense in not killing the golden goose..

Posted: April 7, 2007 in BCCI, cricket, india, rebuilding

The money in Indian cricket had made the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) a very greedy board. Trying to squeeze every drop of juice that was available to squeeze out, somewhere in that process, it appeared that they had forgotten about cricket. It was all about selling rights, playing more cricket even if it was inconsequential, etc. To a large extent, these policies of the Board had a role to play in India’s early exit from the World Cup.

Finally they have woken up. Perhaps it required a shock of the World Cup defeat to beat some sense in to the Board. Maybe the unanimous and strong reactions from the public at large, maybe the sharp drop in the TV ratings for the world cup, somewhere some sense was knocked into the Board’s heads.

And they realized that they were trying the kill the goose that was laying the golden egg. And they seem to have retreated just in time.

If the BCCI’s statement at the end of the 2-day session is anything to go by, there are steps in the right direction. Almost all of them. Well, a few things could have been a little different, but hey, why complain? When almost all of the thoughts appear to be, for a change, in the interest of Indian cricket, and not just in the interest of the BCCI’s coffers!

It is flattering to find that several of the suggestions that I had penned out, as the potential solutions, in the interest of Indian cricket, seem to have found their way in the Board’s statement today!

Looking forward to better times in Indian cricket.. !

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