Cheers to Jeev Milkha Singh

Posted: April 8, 2007 in Augusta Masters, Golf, Jeev Milkha Singh, tiger woods

Is it a sign of the times, that as India becomes a more dominant player in the economy of the world, they have a sporting hero emerging in the elitist sport of Golf?

Few years back, who would have reckoned that an Indian golf player’s name will be taken in the same breath as the leading players of the world like Tiger Woods? The small breed of golf fans in India, found solace in following the performance of the Fiji player, Vijay Singh, whose name was Indian. That was the closest that India got to golfing greatness!

And now we read that an Indian player, playing at the Augusta Masters, for the very first time, has made it to the cut, and will continue to play over the weekend. Also he has not ‘just’ made it, but reasonably comfortably, with a 3 over score card, the same as that of Tiger Woods.

Its a very creditable performance by Jeev Milkha Singh. We will watch with a lot of interest, his further progress at the Augusta Masters now.

Jeev Milkha Singh is the son of one of India’s foremost athlete and Olympian, Milkha Singh. Thankfully, Jeev did not pursue athletics but chose to make golf his sport!

** Update **
At the end of the third day, and going into Sunday, Jeev Milkha Singh was just 3 strokes behind the leader, at +4. That is amazing, as he is still in striking distance, and if he has a good day on Sunday, it could well see him surging ahead and getting closer to the leader! Waiting with bated breath..

  1. USC Trojan says:

    And funny enough, today he is paired with Vijay Singh for the final round!

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