If only the SA-Bangladesh game had happened earlier..

Posted: April 8, 2007 in bangladesh, cricket, india, south africa, world cup

None of the ruckus would have happened.
In Indian cricketing world, in the Indian media, with the BCCI, amongst the players, etc.
If only the Bangladesh – South Africa game had happened earlier.. !

The Indian team crashed out of the World Cup, because they lost to Bangladesh. The world (well, the billion Indians at least) was shocked because India lost to Bangladesh. “How can they lose to lowly Bangladesh?”, the world asked!

If Indian had beaten Bangladesh and then lost to Sri Lanka (which was always possible, and could have been acceptable too), India would have still made it to the Super 8 stage, lost their badly, and then returned home. The noise levels would have been lower, the advertisers and sponsors would have enjoyed a few weeks more of television viewership, and a general stability would have prevailed.

But that did not happen, and the floodgates of criticism were opened.

Because of the fundamental question, “How could India lose to Bangladesh?”

Things would have been different though, if Bangladesh had met South Africa earlier and beaten South Africa, as they did yesterday.

THEN, the scenario changes dramatically.
Bangladesh is a great cricket team. One that can beat the number one team in the world rankings, South Africa. They are a turnaround team, a champion team. Etc.

Now, after that, if India lost of Bangladesh, it would not matter. After all, if the top team in the world, South Africa, can lose to Bangladesh, then its not such a bad thing for India to lose to them now, is it?

But fate had it otherwise, and the India-Bangladesh game happened a lot earlier, and all the worst things that had to happen for the Indian players, the BCCI, the media, the sponsors, the advertisers, etc., there was ample time for all of that to happen!

Oh well..

What a great giant killer performance by Bangladesh.
And as for South Africa, with everything going for them, they are still going to find a way to lose. Australia-Sri Lanka final, is my tip now!

  1. USC Trojan says:

    Being a South Africa backer, I’d say that it is better to lose now than in the semis 🙂

    And yes, if BD had beaten SA before beating India, Indian fans would have definitely been less angry. At the same time, it would have made the Indian team less complacent about the game.

    But that it all history you know. Let’s talk about 2011 🙂

  2. SPM says:

    2011 is a long way off.
    Before that, this World Cup has to get over, and we have to find out who comes up on top. Australia look solid for sure. Sri Lanka and New Zealand look like they can take on a fight to Australia. South Africa, unfortunately, look a good 4th place team, at best. Ireland and Bangladesh have truly impressed.

    Also before 2011, we have the massive changes happening in Indian cricket.. lets see where that ends!

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