A l-o-o-o-n-g World Cup finally reaches the climax

Posted: April 24, 2007 in new zealand, sri lanka, world cup

The length of the World Cup, combined with the fact that India exited very early, has meant that people in India have nearly forgotten that the World Cup is going on. Some of us fans of genuine cricket (without the patriotic craziness) have followed the Cup through the Super 8 stage.

Now, we finally approach the knock out rounds, where ‘winner takes all’! The first semi-final is scheduled for today, New Zealand vs Sri Lanka. Bond vs Jayasuriya, Vaas vs Fleming, Murali vs Styris, Vettori vs Mahela… etc. Yes, I am trying to hype it up, like the media usually do!! Trying to put some spice into the game…

The fact is that, it will be a great game. I am a solid Sri Lanka fan at this time, and I expect them to win today. I also expect them to put up a tough fight in the finals thereafter, whether they play South Africa or Australia.

One or the other way, its three good one day games coming up.

On the question of the World Cup format, much as the ICC is defending it (they do not have a choice, do they?), the fact remains that it was one long and boring structure. I quite like the suggestion that one expert gave – that 2 teams from the non-Test playing countries should make it, and then, the 10 teams (including these two) should play each other once. The best 4 of the teams, after this, should make it to the semi-finals, and then the finals. Should be fair to all, as they get a chance to play all the rest and not just have a bad break of the draw.

  1. USC Trojan says:

    I think the length was more due to the fact that they had only 1 game per day (and some “break days” here and there) rather than the number of teams.

    If they had the capability to hold 2 games per day, perhaps the first being a day match and the second being a day-night, it would have halved the time!

    And of course, the groups should be larger so that the team that loses in the first match has time to fight back into contention.

  2. SPM says:

    They had the one game a day, to ensure that there is no splitting of TV audience and they get complete mileage for all the games. Unfortunately, it kind of back fired, as viewer fatigue clearly set in.. !

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