Federer, Nadal – yet to take off in 2009

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The dream run of Roger Federer (my favorite all-time tennis player!!) hit a roadblock in 2008. Rafael Nadal asserted himself, and started beating Federer more regularly, including on Federer’s favorite surfaces.

All Federer fans including me, were hoping for a better year for him, in 2009.

The story so far has not been very encouraging.

In fact, both Nadal and Federer have lost – first in the exhibition matches and then at the Qatar Open. And Andy Murray has had a good start to the year.

As we approach the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, it looks like anybody’s year, yet..

Will Federer and Nadal shake off the rust and become sharp as ever? And resume their great rivalry, and stay on top of the rankings? A 2-player rivalry of this kind does wonders to the sport. Borg-McEnroe, McEnroe-Lendl, Agassi-Samparas and others of this kind, have captured tennis fans’ imagination in the past.

Federer-Nadal is the current great show. Both are genuinely nice people, and which makes the game the great winner. If these guys are not sharp and remain sketchy through the year, it may be a boring year for tennis.

And can Andy Murray come into his own and become a contender for #1 position this year? Well, the start has been good. Does he have the steam to win the big ones? And to last out at peak form and peak fitness through the year? Well, he has not done it before, so if he does it, it will be a first.

No other player has delivered with any degree of consistency to be considered as a real threat.

So let’s wait and watch how the tennis scene pans out in 2009?!

So what kind of year will 2009 be, for tennis?

Will Federer and Nadal come to their own and resume their rivalry?

Will Andy Murray find

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