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It is a sad day for me.

I have picked many “fights” with friends to defend my hero, Roger Federer.

To insist that he still has few years of outstanding tennis left in him, and that he will win a few Grand Slams before he finally hangs up his boots.

So having done all that, it is indeed a sad day for me today.

When I have to admit that Federer’s best days are behind him, and that there are far too many players today – not just Nadal – who are having a shot at him, and are also succeeding in beating him.

When it was only Nadal, there was stil hope.

That in some final, Nadal may be a bit off color, and Federer may be in top form, and Federer would still win.

Or that Nadal could be injured, and then Federer would have smooth sailing.

But now its no more just Nadal.

Djokovic of course, but many others too, have been challenging Federer. And he has not been able to hold his own many a times.

So unless things change dramatically, I personally will not claim that he has it in him, now, to win more Grand Slams. Or in fact, to win anything of significance.

In fact, I would rather that he retires now, because for die-hard fans like myself, it pains to see him lose against small timers. He is far far bigger to lose like that. He is an icon, a legend.. I don’t want to see him lose badly, to newbies.

For me, Federer will continue to be the best player who ever walked on to the tennis court. With due respect to Samparas (he comes closest to Federer in my book), Federer has moved beyond and ahead. Not just in terms of Slams, but in terms of the range of shots, the consistency, the class.

And no, for all those who talk about Borg or McEnroe or Connors or Lendl or Becker, or Agassi, seriously, they were not close to Samparas or Federer.

As for Nadal, I can see the struggle now. Fitness wise. And which is what has to be admired about Federer. That he remained reasonably injury free to dominate the game thus, and for so long!

I want to remember Federer as no. 1. Please hang your boots, and enjoy the twins, Federer..

Nadal is a great champion!

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Many of you who are aware of my die hard fan-dom for Federer, might wonder about the title of this post. But really, I needed to make this point clear.

I do not dislike Nadal. Far from it. In fact, I believe strongly that Nadal is a fantastic tennis player, and an amazing human being. He is a great champion too.

When I have gone out and defended Federer, it is not about Federer vs Nadal, but about Federer alone. Whether he should retire, whether he is falling from grace, whether his best days are behind him, whether he deserves to be on the circuit or not, these and such questions have come from different people, about Federer. And I have had my strong pro-Federer sentiments in all of these discussions.

But that is at no time, to say that I do not think much of Nadal.

Indeed, Nadal is an outstanding player, and his achievements so far, are a great testimony of his talents. Also I have read few things about his childhood, about his conservative upbringing, and his excellent value system. And that makes me feel very good about Nadal, the person as well.

If Nadal were to get injured tomorrow and not play any more tennis in life, he would have still reserved his place among the champions of the game. He has done enough to be placed with the many great champions of the game, like Becker, Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, etc.

But to be considered in the stratospheric space that is currently occupied by very few, viz. Federer, Samparas, Rod Laver and those grandest of them all, Nadal has a way to go. And God willing, at the rate he is going, he will join this select space too. But he is not quite there just yet.

And it is not about statistics alone. It is the impact left on the sport. The length of time for which the player has dominated the sport. And things of that kind.

So Nadal will probably get in to that select group. And I will be one of the first to applaud that position. Meanwhile let us enjoy his game, and his personality. Not being a tennis brat, and dominating the game, he can be a great influence on young and budding players.

Cheers to Nadal!

The dream run of Roger Federer (my favorite all-time tennis player!!) hit a roadblock in 2008. Rafael Nadal asserted himself, and started beating Federer more regularly, including on Federer’s favorite surfaces.

All Federer fans including me, were hoping for a better year for him, in 2009.

The story so far has not been very encouraging.

In fact, both Nadal and Federer have lost – first in the exhibition matches and then at the Qatar Open. And Andy Murray has had a good start to the year.

As we approach the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, it looks like anybody’s year, yet..

Will Federer and Nadal shake off the rust and become sharp as ever? And resume their great rivalry, and stay on top of the rankings? A 2-player rivalry of this kind does wonders to the sport. Borg-McEnroe, McEnroe-Lendl, Agassi-Samparas and others of this kind, have captured tennis fans’ imagination in the past.

Federer-Nadal is the current great show. Both are genuinely nice people, and which makes the game the great winner. If these guys are not sharp and remain sketchy through the year, it may be a boring year for tennis.

And can Andy Murray come into his own and become a contender for #1 position this year? Well, the start has been good. Does he have the steam to win the big ones? And to last out at peak form and peak fitness through the year? Well, he has not done it before, so if he does it, it will be a first.

No other player has delivered with any degree of consistency to be considered as a real threat.

So let’s wait and watch how the tennis scene pans out in 2009?!

So what kind of year will 2009 be, for tennis?

Will Federer and Nadal come to their own and resume their rivalry?

Will Andy Murray find