I have been kind of associated with two different events that are to happen in Mumbai in the coming months.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Deonar, which is part of the Rotary District 3140. The District Governor for this year is from our club, DG Rtn. Raju Subramanium. On account of this fact, the onus of hosting the prestigious District Conference falls on our club. We are the hosts for the event, being the DG’s Club. The District Conference (DISCON) will be held in February, 2010. This is the one event that I was referring to.

The other event is the Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW 2009), which is being help in Dec 2009.

Both of these are being held at the Renaissance in Mumbai, by coincidence.

For the Rotary DISCON, I have not been involved at all, even though our club is the host. Reasons are a few including the fact that I joined this Rotary Club in the middle of this Rotary year (I was a member of Rotary Club of Bombay Worli earlier), but more importantly, because, I have been very busy with my new business, and have not had time to participate actively, in any Rotary activity.

On the other hand, for IGCW 2009, I have been involved to a small extent, as besides being friends, they are our clients as well, and we are managing their website, their Social Media initiatives and their Search Engine Marketing as well.

I have been most impressed by both of the events, and the key members involved in both of these.

The thought that this is still a bad economy or a recession year would have not even crossed the minds of the key organizers of both of the events. The events have been planned at a grand scale. In case of the Rotary DISCON, to create a big impact for Rotary in the community, and to make a clear statement of it being better than all previous District conferences. Likewise, for IGCW, which is debuting, to make a big mark on all participants and stakeholders, and to make it a regular fixture in the calendars of the target audience.

Neither have thought of doing a low budget effort in defense. The confidence levels for both of these have been immense. And with which follows an amazing dedication and a huge force of effort in action. I am not sure of the DISCON, but for IGCW, there has been effort mobilization happening for a few years now.

All of which have culminated in tremendous traction.

Being associated in a small way with both the events, I might be guilty to have had doubts in my mind, on few occasions, about the success of the events. Though the key people involved, I am sure, have had 100% confidence always.

But I can see how their dedication, their conviction, their complete belief and passion behind the respective events, have started showing great results.

The early bird registration options for DISCON just closed. And we have news of a high percentage of seats already filled up, in that early bird offer. Amazing, isn’t it?

Likewise, the IGCW registrations, sponsorships and exhibitor commitments have started coming in rapidly now.

It is so satisfying to see these results. There is a sense of pride and ownership that I feel, even though my involvement has been very small. The exuberance of the concerned individuals (DG Raju, Rtn. Jhankar and others in the team for DISCON, and Bhadresh Padia, Nitesh Mehta and their team at IGCW) has been contagious. It rubs off on everyone involved, who want to do their best to make sure that the events are successful.

It has been very inspiring to me, to be associated with IGCW closely, and to have been an observer at a distance,  for DISCON. I am sure both of these events are going to be amazingly successful, and my best wishes for both of these!

  1. krishna says:

    IGCW would’nt have come to what it is today without your input!
    thank you!!

    • Sanjay Mehta says:

      Thanks, Krishna.
      Kind of you. It has been a pleasure to be associated.
      There is still a long way to go. And miles to go before we sleep.. 🙂

    • Dear Sanjay,

      I would echo your thoughts as regards DISCON.The hard work and coordination and the thinking behind it and of course the VISION OF SOMETHING BIG.Hats off to the DISCON Team.

      Sunil Keswani

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