And the Calendar sheet turns over..

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Yeah, October makes way for November.

The passage of time. Just another day in life. Or a sense of aniticipation of winter coming in.

Or an anxiety that there is a lot to do, and more time has gone by, and we have not achieved enough?

All a matter of choice.

Stress is the way of life today. And if one was stressed, say about this passage of time, one would be “normal”, at least in the sense of being in the average mould.

But one does not have to be ‘average’. One can be different. One can choose to not carry that stress.

Take this time factor, for example.

Lets acknowledge first that each day must count. That we put in our best effort each day. With whatever it is that is our karma for the moment.

Once that is done and acknowledged, fretting about one date crossed out or the calendar flipping a page over, is not necessary. Does not help any.

So does this conflict with timebound targets and ambition and all that? Hope not. I don’ t think so. What about you?

Unfortunately of course, some things are calendar driven. Like expenses. And due to which reason, the calendar needs to be watched.

I know these are ramblings. As blogs are supposed to be. So I am not apologetic about this one.

I make the simple, humble point. More to myself, than to others.

That October turning to November, is not something to worry about. What is more important is to ensure that every day is made to count and the day ends with a satisfaction of having done one’s best that day!

Would love to hear other opinions on this?

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