What the crap?!

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Dear Pet Owner in the City of Mumbai,

When I feel like a desperate pee, can I come and relieve myself, in the corner of your bedroom??

When the neighbour’s baby has had her feed, and is ready to burp, can the mother get her to your living room, and have her burp on to your sofa??

Can the child on the 6th floor, when he just HAS to crap, come to your kitchen and crap on the floor there??

NO??! You don’t think so??


But you never found it odd to litter the compound, the streets of our road and our gardens, with the poop of your pet? Why then, do you feel so shocked at some of the above suggestions?!

Listen, dear pet owner, walking in this city, whether in our own compound, or on the pavements, or in the ground with the walking strip duly marked out, is becoming an obstacle race of sorts! One needs to tippety toe and do the hop-skip-jump routine, to avoid stepping on to dog’s poops.

Some days more than others. Perhaps the day following the dog parties, or perhaps when YOU had a party, and fed the leftovers of your mutton or rajmah or whatever, to your pets!

PLEASE spare the streets. If you must take the dog out, please carry a poop collector with you, to clean up the space, after your pet’s “done it”.

We have enough dust and grime and pollution to reckon with, not to speak of the city cattle owners who let their cows and bulls to fend for themselves in the streets (and leave their dung behind).

You are educated, you probably walk the street yourself and might face similar jumpy routines. You’d understand.

Please change your habits, for your pets. Save our city. Keep it a little cleaner.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

– A harrowed, city walker

  1. Sekhar says:

    Well Said.
    Its time that people understand that pets are the responsibility of the owners.

  2. Meena R Nair says:

    Very nicely put Sanjay :):)

  3. Meena Venkat says:

    Well said Sanjay Mehta. I’m from Bangalore and we have even educated people littering the public places with dog shit, and anything else. Carrying a poop bag is common in the USA and Indians who have lived years there and returned to India, don’t practice the good habits.

      • neha says:

        I myself is a proud owner of a 3yr old spitz
        I carrya poop collector.
        But what would you do of the street dogs or of the humans who pee on the road sides..

      • Sanjay Mehta says:

        Nice to know that you carry a poop collector.
        We can’t do much about stray dogs or humans who don’t care. But at least well educated pet owners can do their bit, in keeping cities cleaner, where they can help it!

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