Some impressions from the Enterprising India (TiE) Summit 2011

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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At the outset, I must state that entrepreneurs are lucky to have organizations like TiE around. These are boons for anyone starting up. I mean, the ecosystem that they manage to create is so wonderful, that it can make significant difference to an entrepreneur, in terms of getting some interesting ideas or saving time or money, or meeting some perfect contacts, etc. etc.

I wish we had more of these in my early days of starting up.

But well, let me not dwell on that. More importantly, TiE is here, and amongst the many wonderful things that TiE does, one of them is the Annual Summits that they organize.

I am not sure about the TiE Summits in other parts of India, or the world, but the ones in Mumbai, really rock!

I managed to catch a few hours only, of this summit yesterday, but I was most impressed. By many things, including:

– the organization, the location, the layout, the works.. all done very well. The team of volunteers at work, the commitment that everyone showed, was quite exemplary.

– the few talks that I managed to catch, were good too. Kishore Biyani, Murkhumbe and Ajay Piramal on stage, giving excellent gyaan, and having good banter, for example. How easy it is otherwise, for young students and entrepreneurs, to be so close to these luminaries? TiE makes it happen.

– the talks by founders of Goonj, Bangalore Traffic Project and Flipkart. All of these were interesting in their own way. The Goonj talk was a shocking reality check for most of us, including Kishore Biyani, who was on stage and moderating the session. What they are doing is truly commendable. Likewise, the Bangalore Traffic project is also an excellent initiative and showing real results as well. And for Flipkart, even though the presentation was not as slick and smart as the other two, the business itself, of course, is path breaking. That finally someone is demystifying e-retail in India, and making real transactions happen, is great. Unlike group buying and stuff of that kind, which is about “giving away a rupee for 50 paise” and hence is unrealistic to last!

– the overall energy in the corridors was also infectious. Loved it.

– the 5-min talk that Sanjeev Bikhchandani gave, gave me my money’s worth (although, strictly speaking, as a Charter Member, I had NOT paid any money for the specific event!)

So indeed, entrepreneurs should thank their stars to have bodies like TiE around. Spoilt as they may be, with choice on account of the hundreds of similar sounding startup activities and mentoring events, entrepreneurs should not find fault with these bodies. It is NOBODY’S duty to provide an entrepreneur with any specific ecosystem or mentoring or guidance or anything. If it is done, and one gets the benefit, accept it, use it, and make the most of it. Don’t crib, and keep asking for more.. !

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