Are we really using the advantages that we have?

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This is an interesting question that one of my good friend keeps asking? Not just me, but himself too, of course..

Are we really making the most of the advantages that we have in life? Or having taken them for granted, we have ended up abusing those advantages, in fact?!

Let’s understand with some examples.

There is this regular debate with the NRI kinds. Which life is better? In India, or in the US (typically)?

And the things that form a part of the benefits of being in India include the great support system that we have. A retinue of domestic help, chauffeur, not to speak of the friends and family support.

Our NRI cousins do not have all of these. Which means, they need to drive themselves everywhere, they have to do groceries and cooking and cleaning, etc.

Should take up such a lot of their time, right?

And we should have all that time available to us, on account of our system, right?

Then, what ARE we doing with that extra time? Have we pursued hobbies, do we travel more, have we got into interesting social work.. etc.? The honest answer for most of us is “Probably NOT..!”.

If you really look at the typical lifestyles, you would actually find the NRI cousin, in spite of having the lack of support, perhaps having a richer lifestyle in terms of the variety of different activities that he finds time for. In spite of having to cook and clean and buy groceries and the works.

Clearly then, we are NOT really using the advantage that we have, of the support system!

Alok Kejriwal referred to this in the context of Sundays, and the way Indian entrepreneurs do not use these too well.

Let’s look at another example.

Most of the world works 5 days a week.

A lot of India works 6 days a week. Some are luckier and work 5 days a week.

We have 2nd and 4th Saturdays off!

So what DO we do with that additional Saturday that we get? As an entrepreneur, for many years, unless I really had something specific planned at home or with family, I would actually end up working on that holiday Saturday also.

So again I was NOT making much use of that additional day that I had got for myself.

Well, doing more work on that holiday can always be justified for an entrepreneur, because there is always more work than time, and there is always a to-do list to work on. But there are other things in life. If the most creative thing that I can do on that holiday Saturday, is some-more-work, I am clearly NOT using the advantage that I have, in terms of that extra Saturday off!

There are many other advantages that we take for granted.

Not having to drive down to run small errands, because the kirana store will deliver home.

Having help at office, who will deposit your cheques for you, or deposit some utility bills on your behalf, so you do not need to go and stand in queues.

Having carpenters and plumbers and clothes ironing and such help, coming home and serving you, so you do not need to do it yourself.

What HAVE we done to use these advantages? The time we save, on these.. ?

We really need to use these advantages that we have in life, to make more out of life. To do things that we want to do. To do different things.

I am trying to be conscious of this fact. At least try to count these blessings.

And then being conscious of making the most of these advantages.

For example, I have taken the decision that on the additional Saturdays that we have a holiday, viz. the 2nd and the 4th, I should try and do different things. Perhaps travel out, or pursue other hobbies.

Has been going on for a couple of these breaks so far. And I have managed to do fun new things, both times.

Have to keep this up. And to use other great advantages that we have, also.. !

What about you? Do you sense that you need to enhance the usage of the medium at your end too?

  1. Meghana says:

    I loved this piece. Fantastic!

  2. it inspired me a lot sanjay !

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