Squash or Swim – what kind are you?

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So this is a lot about exercise / fitness preferences, but I wonder if this extends to general character too? Read on..

Over the years, I have tried to stick to a host of different types of fitness routines. From joining Gyms, Yoga classes, special fitness programs, walking, swimming, playing different games like squash, tennis and badminton etc.

And I have lasted at these various different activities for different lengths of time, from 1 day, to a few years.

I have also seen others, including some close friends and relatives, doing similar experiments, and lasting for different lengths of time, at different activities.

So what worked for me, and what didn’t? What worked for others I know of, and what didn’t work for them?

And most importantly.. why did certain things work or not work??

Speaking for myself, I know of two activities that I kept at, for the longest periods of time, viz. playing tennis, and then playing squash. In both of these cases, I was consistent in pursuing these, for multiple years at a stretch.

Whereas others like being at the gym, or swimming, have had shortest stints for me!

Currently I am walking – quite regularly too.

So why?

Well, when I was playing tennis, I would play with few other regulars who were present there daily. We had good, competitive games going, and I would look forward to go and join the action with them, each day. There was a sufficiently large number of players which would ensure anywhere between 4-6 minimum to be present each day.

In the case of squash, we were 2-3 of us regulars, and we were all very keen to play. We’d manage to push each other and kept it going for a long time. Again, we had hard fought games and the challenge was a big driver.

And now I am into walking. Not competitive, nor a “team sport”, but I am still at it. One, on account of a personal motivation that I need to be regular at “something”. But secondly again, because of a few friends, who are equally charged up this time, and we keep prodding each other on.

What did not work for me were the individual tasks like swimming or even going to the gym or a yoga class. Not competitive, nor a personal group involved, where mutual prodding may be there.

So clearly, I prefer such sporting / fitness activities to happen with few others and preferably, also having a competitive angle to it.

Others have found their comfort zone in yoga or swimming, for example. These are individual efforts with not much group involvement. And I have seen few people who have been consistently pursuing these activities, every single day (almost) for many many years.

So I guess, to each his own, especially where sports and fitness are concerned.

But I am wondering if this behavior towards sports or fitness can be extended as a character profile too? Are those who desire company or competitive sports, naturally group players and competitive? And those who stay consistent with swimming or yoga or such individual efforts, are they able to set their own goals, measure their progress in context of their own personal benchmarks?

I am not so sure. My own guess is that this is a pattern restricted to certain activities like sports or fitness matters. And that in other aspects of life, one could be quite different..

What do you think? Also are you the Squash and Tennis kind or you are the Swimming kind??

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