If all businesses were run like the IPL business?

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I understand that IPL is all about entertainment, for the viewer, the spectator. And which is fine!

After all, entertainment is good business.

But for the business owners, is it about entertainment, or is it about business like any other?

So how would it be, if all businesses ran like the IPL business??

I mean, as business owners if the family and friends came together and partied, not really worried about where the business itself was going?!

So at the tender opening of the infrastructure project, the owner gets along his wife, sister-in-law, and a few (20-30) friends to the opening. And even as the officials get down to the business of opening the bids and discussing them, in the reception lobby outside, champagne and cheese is served. And the ladies appreciate the new diamonds and the Gucci bags that some of them have carried on them. Light music’s in the air.

People keep coming and going, with papers and intense discussion going on inside.

Once in a while, the sis-in-law asks the wife.. “when will jiju come and join us here?” and the wife peeps inside, and looks at the hubby who’s in the middle of the tender opening. And the wife shouts out to him, and he looks up, and kisses her an air kiss. And she winks back..

And comes and tells her sister, “soon now.. “.

And when he comes out, he is offered a ready glass of champagne.

Did anyone ask about the tender itself? Oh.. who cares?!

And as for competition? Hey, it’s all fun. We are friends. And we party together.. !

So who cares about market share or profits or other such boring things, right?

  1. Chintan Vora says:

    Then there would have been no start-ups/ entrepreneurs..

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