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Who wants to know all this?

Posted: February 28, 2007 in investment, rakhi sawant

The Times of India has a weekly supplement on personal finance where they cover stock, mutual funds and the like. Along with it, they also tend to feature some celebrity and have her talk about her finances and where she invests, etc.

As long as the celebrities are respected ones, who have clearly made a lot of money, some of us may be interested to know what they did with their money. I mean, where they invested, and the like.

But this week, they featured Rakhi Sawant there! For the reputation that she has, I wonder WHO would be interested to know about her investments? I mean, if it was a page 3 feature, well and good. The piece belongs there.

But on the financial pages, where you expect serious value to be present, WHY feature her? I thought it was degrading the paper itself.